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Arron Rudeen (Dr.Haze) Born November 28 1990 In Northwest Hospital Seattle WA.


  Dr.Haze Started his career in the music business early just when he was 13 years old he began teaching himself how to play guitar, shortly after that he formed his 1st band, he would latter go on forming a few more small rock bands throughout his early high school years. When he turned 16 Rudeen started to further his career in music and started performing and producing under his new artist name "Dr.Haze". Rudeen was also given the video game MTV Music Generator by his Father Martin in 1999 where he learned early to produce music.


  Rudeen say's the name came up from two sources that served as inspiration to him, the "Dr." comes from his admiration of Hunter S. Thompson and his attorneys Alter ego "Dr.Gonzo" found within his classic book Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. The "Haze" element is derived from a childhood favorite video game "Jet Grind Radio" that given to him by his father Martin, the game used hip-hop elements which included use of graffiti art, one of the featured tags used was one of which from a famous artist known to many as Eric Haze that inspired a early and impressionable Arron Rudeen. Arron got into the art of rapping and producing beats after a number of years of being exposed to music from Artist's & groups like Three 6 Mafia, Lil Wyte & all the Hypnotize Minds Artists along with Master P & his No Limit Records releases.


  From the years of 2006 -2009 he would produce and record series of underground mixtapes known as the END-TIMEZ tapes that would feature early artists & friends from around the pacific northwest area. In late 2009 until 2012 Rudeen transferred out of high school and into state/government college/high school program that enabled him to professionally study the art of audio engineering at Edmonds Community College Digital Music. It was during these years he honed in on his skills of production and artist management that would build him and fuel him to later find Haze Houze Music later that year. In mid 2012 Rudeen launched Haze Houze Music as a Mixtape Label  that would distributed original produced material as well releases from other independent artist's such as Seed of 6ix, Lil Wyte & Wyte Music Artists Big-E of Thug Therapy, Beast Hollywood and many more throughout famous mixtape sites/apps as Live Mixtapes, Datpiff, Spinrilla, My Mixtapez app & More.


  In Late December of 2016 Rudeen stepped up and made himself C.E.O. of the new HAZE HOUZE MUSIC LLC. that now runs and serves as the #1 Independent Record Label throughout the entire pacific northwest, a statement of fact of which Rudeen prides himself on, he says "it's the realization of his work and dreams along with a hand from those who have helped him raise roof on the company for many years that made this possible." Haze & his company operate from the north Seattle Area in Lynnwood WA, but he also proud of the fact that the houze has artists located and running the game in Savanna & Atlanta Georgia, Las Vegas and are actively seeking and signing new talent to join the ever growing label and it's roster.


  Rudeen say's his main aim for himself and the company is to sign the best recording artists in the business and produce records that matter to consumer, Rudeen say's "if the customer and fans of our music and products are happy, then Im happy, if they are not satisfied then Im not" Rudeen in respect works like a true C.E.O. and carries himself and his company in that matter, a constant theme that can be often found through out his lyrics, the pain and anguish of a young boss can be heard on songs like "Runnin" & "Work". Rudeen says he get's his insane work ethic from his Father Martin and the days they spent in the bathtub refinishing business, he gets his motivation to outwork everybody around him from his Mentor & Producer Rodrick Doss (BEATGODZ) and credits him on helping build the "Haze Houze Sound".


  Dr.Haze is currently at work on a number of mixtape and underground albums, he is working on his debut LP set to release this Spring of 2018